Why only Insurance? (Importance)  
  1. Tension free life – for always happiness in our family – we live then also and even if we are not there then also.
  2. To achieve of family goals like:
    • Higher education of our children.
    • Big issues like nauseate of our kids.
    • Free flow of pension in our old age.
    • All medical & other facilities.
    • To get a dream home for our family.
  3. We can help others only if we are financially strong & consistent.
  4. We can contribute to family, community, society, country & all other courts freely.
  5. Life if uncertain to win such uncertainty we must get suswauce sufflciantts & timely.
    Why only LIC?  


  1. Complete sovereign gurantee by Govt. of India for one given money, insurance & returnes.
  2. One money for our use – for development of our city, metro, flyous, roads, & all other infrefuction are made is our imasted money so our money is in flout of one eyes safe & growing always.
  3. Our past recent – our last year achievement
  4. LIC in last 10 years was “best brand”   of Indian award consistently & won many such awards all over the world.
  5. Our 27 crone policy holds made usFotth largest country in world every fourth Indian is a LIC policy hidden – great achievement fully computersied.
  6. Our 2100 + Branches 108 divisions, make us world biggest insurance corporate.
  7. Our was over makes us second in all India in assets owarly.
  8. Last year we settled 169n lacks claims about 2 claim per second to make in world.
    Why LIC from a professional Agent (Life Prop. Kulvinder Singh / Dr. Ind -  
  1. Well educated & Aware : had attained many professionals educations &knowledge B.Com , M. Com, B.Ed., M. Phil, MBA(Finance & Insurance), B.A. (Music), Diploma in yoga, an all such with gold medals so they well equipped to serve you with good trust, confidence & perfuse zeal.
  2. Couves for prefessanalizm in L.I.C.
  3. In 2006, we done basic comes in lusurance from institute of opallence , Bombay,
  4. In 2007, done advance come in fifm ( neqmallent of MBA) how 10 Bombay to know complete knowledge of insurance & cosfomeis needs service providing.
  5. Also done rebate come , course plan course for product knowledge corporate course for medium days latest business men need plantings,
  6. Also joined communitment comce (life time by policy 3.00 lacs fees) to assist clients with daily aphelion & competency.
  7. Now all of we 5000+clients families are ware than satisfied & advice many more relatives to join.
  8. We last year LIC for do team business. Is
  9. Best in No of policies basic
  10. No. 1 in sum assured basic
  11. No.1 in Premium collection basic
  12. Doing MDRT 7 Double MDRT for last three years.
Not only No.1 is selling but also best if after sale services.
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